Understanding Immunotherapy

How immunotherapy works?

One reason that cancer cells thrive is because they are able to hide from the immune system.7 Immunotherapy is designed to activate the immune system, making it able to recognize cancer cells and destroy them.

Immunotherapy offers several different approaches to treating cancer. Certain immunotherapies can mark cancer cells so it is easier for the immune system to find and destroy them, while other immunotherapies boost the immune system to work better against cancer.7

Immunotherapy + other therapies:
Immunotherapy can be used alone as a treatment option to fight cancer, or in combination with other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery18 to help enhance and broaden the benefits. For example, combining immunotherapies with chemotherapy has the potential for additive effects on tumor response and overall survival.9 As immunotherapy is a relatively new treatment approach, more researches are being done to examine the synergetic benefit of using immunotherapy with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, target therapy and other immunotherapies.